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Sunday, May 4th 2008

8:23 PM


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Prism is a compelling read by  new author Nigel Edwards. It is a gripping sci-fi/fantasy tale about  a small band of ordinary folk transported to a new world. It follows the trials and tribulations of the group and in particular Luke, the main character. The author Nigel Edwards has invented and incorporated the language (spoken and written) of Plaq-tiq....I couldnt put it down. I'm not going to give away any more of the story but it is a compelling read and I can't wait for the sequel which I hope is in the pipeline.  Check out his Lulu storefront at


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Tuesday, August 28th 2007

7:52 AM

Exciting books

Donnette Davis, webmistress of http://www.staidenshomeschool.com has a passion for childrens education. She puts her heart and soul into eveything she does and her books are no exception. It is important to keep traditional folk lore alive in this fast moving throw away society and Donnette does this in an exciting way.

Her books can be found on http://www.lulu.com/donnette
 and http://store.payloadz.com/results/results.asp?m=57525

Go check them out they are very reasonable priced.

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Wednesday, May 30th 2007

11:01 AM

Amazing isn't it!!!!

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This is a message to all the sad sad people out there who think it is amusing to try to post links to what I can only call suspicious adult websites...at least thats what the titles imply, I'm not actually sad enough to visit them.

All the messages on this blog come to me for approval first, it's not an automatic post. So don't bother wasting your time posting this garbage as it will NEVER be placed on my blog.

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Saturday, March 24th 2007

3:25 PM


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Monday, March 19th 2007

5:23 PM

Authors and potential authors

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Published or unpublished authors check out this site www.letsgetpublished.com its new and aims to give authors and potential authors a shopfront to display a part of their work for it to be viewed by publishers and literary agents etc. Because it is so new it needs new members. It is totally free to join and will accept work from all genres. I write poetry for children (in my spare time)  and have sumbitted one of my poems to the site.
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Monday, March 19th 2007

4:01 PM

Education KS1 SATS looming

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For parents of 6-7 year olds in the UK the Key Stage 1 SATS are looming. Things are taught in a very different way to the way we parents were taught. If you want to give your child some extra help, visit my web site www.abc123kidz.com it contains hints and strategies for literacy and maths as well as some fun educational games for the children to try out their skills.
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Monday, March 19th 2007

3:11 PM


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Hi and welcome to my blog. This blog doesn;t have a particular theme but I will be using it to comment on various issues and give any information I think might be useful.
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